We Are Work Optimizers

make more time for the work that matters.

Ficino brings you one simple app to manage all human resource elements of your organization. Wherever you are in the world you can streamline the way you manage your people using a single app and from any device.


team accounts

Ficino supports as little as 1 team or as many 2,000+ teams with no additional fees allowing you to incorporate every single one of your employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders into one system for greater collaboration, communication and efficiency.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is available for you 24/7 on live chat or simply get in contact with one of our support teams via voice call within 2 hours.

Ficino Academy

As different Ficino users will be of different skill levels, Ficino Academy will help you to teach every user irrespective of their skill level and enhance their knowledge.

Advance Human Intelligence

Ficino provides you with advanced Business Intelligence reports based on your team performance and related incidents for you to make strategic decisions using the most up-to-date information.

Why Choose Us

ultimate experiences

In a professional context it often happens that private or corporate clients have to stick to what they purchased, but not anymore; we are flexible and ready to grow and adapt to your needs happily.

Our Industries

For Anyone

Ficino is for any company in any industry

These are some of the major industrial applications of Ficino Suite to date. Check out how you could apply Ficino to your company or industry.

Tech Companies

Manage all your project tasks & track progress of the bugs and inquiries effectively allowing your clients to view progress to improve communications.

Distribution Companies

Keep a track of all your deliveries to enhance package delivery quality of service, on time delivery with proof of delivery and overall efficiency.

Health Care Industry

Set your patients’ mind at ease by allowing them to stay informed of doctor arrivals, medical examinations, and test reports. Track patient progress through the Patient Portal.

Hospitality Industry

Ensure that your guests get nothing but the best quality by staying on top of supplies, reviewing construction work, and maintaining facilities in a timely manner. Even the cleaning staff can provide proof of work.

Manufacturing Industry

Task lists, timelines, dashboards, and online file storage will make your production process more efficient than ever. Ficino is perfect for a startup manufacturing company.

Food Industry

 identifying a list of tasks that need completing, organizing them by the frequency of which they must be completed, assigning and communicating these tasks to your employees, and ensuring the tasks are completed in an accurate, time-effective manner

Education Institutes

In this age of collective learning, teachers aren’t the only ones teaching, and students aren’t the only ones studying. You can easily adopt this mindset by staying in sync with your peers anytime, anywhere with Ficino

Retail Chains

Store managers can use tasks to distribute actionable and trackable requests across retail stores and teams making it easier to achieve specific goals while getting more time to spend with customers.

About Us

We are a startup with strong roots

Ficino Suite was not initially planned to become a global product.

We were born from the success of our first product, 'RING' which has managed to increase productivity enabling an effortless stream of data into our client's decision-making; resulting in higher brand quality, drastic reduction of HR workload and a happier team.

That is when we decided not to keep this solution for ourselves and share it with everyone.


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Pricing Table

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Monthly Package

$290/ Month

  • RING Task Management
  • 24/7 Support
  • Process Customization
  • Custom Permissions
  • Access to Ficino Academy


Monthly Package

$490/ Month

  • All Included in Startup
  • CODE Mobile App
  • Expert Support on Setup
  • Custom Reports
  • Priority Circle Support



$12,000One Time

  • CODE & RING Apps
  • Custom permissions
  • Custom Processes
  • Custom Design
  • Custom Reports
  • Expert Support on Setup
  • 2 Years Updates Free