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We're looking for a Security Engineer, InfraSec for a brand-new, engineering-focused security team. We partner with and embed inside of existing engineering teams. You will work to build a culture of security enablement. Your focus on our infrastructure engineers will allow them to build and ship secure products within AWS. You'll be a strategic partner working directly with various engineering teams helping to design, develop and guide teams to secure solutions. We're scaling quickly, and are looking for Security Engineers who aren't afraid of this challenge! The Role: Perform some or all of the following, depending on skill-set:

  1. Design and build security features and defenses that protect the entire scope of the ClickUp platform and infrastructure.
  2. Design and build tools to help with all stages in security prevention, detection, and response; across the full SDLC from code and test, through to deploy and operate.
  3. Perform threat models, implementation reviews, and security testing; review requirements and designs.
  4. Embed yourself into existing engineering and product teams, acting as a "security player-coach".
  5. Build security automation for and into the ClickUp platform; design and build secure-by-default infrastructure and applications.
  6. Monitor and analyze production security events and, as needed, provide in-depth incident analysis.
  7. Build relationships with other engineers, product managers, data engineers, operators, and security team members to enable shipping a secure product.
  1. Multiple years of experience in technology / software development.
  2. Multiple years of AWS experience (GCP or Azure); IAM and least-privilege architectures.
  3. An ability to identify and provide a basic assessment of security threats.
  4.     An understanding of security problems, paired with an ability to suggest solutions to software design problems.
  5. Cloud and SaaS experience.
  6. Ability to mentor others on technical topics, including security.

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