Dr. Saman P. Basnayake – General Manager | Mount Lotus Eye and ENT Hospitals


We are very happy with our investment in Ficino Suite

Running a hospital is no easy task. There are so many things that need to function properly and at the right time for the hospital staff to provide patients the best possible medical care. When this hospital commenced operations last year, we wanted to ensure that we deliver a service that is above and beyond what patients are used to here in Sri Lanka.

Therefore, after looking at what’s available in the local market, we invested in Ficino Suite and deployed the Ring module that manages every little detail of the hospital’s operational elements super efficiently.

Ring is so easy to use that staff from all our departments understood how to use it after only a few training sessions. The Top Management has an overall view of the various activities of the hospital. They are able to obtain detailed data insights and reports which help us to identify and bottlenecks and rectify them rapidly. Overall, we are very happy with our investment in Ficino Suite and will continue to use Ring to boost our efficiency levels at the hospital. 

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