Transforming the way you work in office.

Bringing all the issues your employees come across, your customers have in one place while allowing you to closely monitor what solutions have been taken or what issues haven’t found a solution yet with intelligent reports. The tool can also be used as task management to assign tasks to your team to get it done and closely track proof of work.

They say “necessity is the mother of invention” and Ficino Suite was created out of necessity to come up with something better than what is currently out there. For several years, we tried our best to streamline our day-to-day office operations by using a number of globally renowned task management applications such as JIRA, Asana, Workflowy, and Trello. However, none of them could fulfil the requirements of the team due to various reasons such as cost, complexity, and accessibility.


At this point, we looked at the possibility of designing and developing a solution ourselves so that it would perfectly suit our requirement. The challenge seemed a daunting one but with the support of the Management and the enthusiasm and belief of the team we moved forward with the idea. 


We reached out and established a partnership with Vision Care, Sri Lanka’s largest vision and eye wear solutions provider. They were highly convinced by our vision for Ficino Suite and provided the necessary resources to proceed with the development. Using the latest tools and technologies, we fast tracked the development of Ficino Suite and launched the solution in a matter of months. During the whole process, we ensured that we didn’t cut any corners and adhered to the highest of software development standards. The end product received rave reviews from the team at Vision Care and as a result we have been able to successfully deploy the solution in other companies with offices in multiple locations as well.

The bottom line is – we wouldn’t be bringing you the solution if we were not using it ourselves. Having transformed the way we work by using Ficino Suite, we are pleased to offer the whole world the chance to experience the same.


Vision Care

Release Date

Feb 2022