Suminda Fernando – IT  Manager | Vision Care Optical Services


I am happy to say everything is going very smoothly for once.

Vision Care is Sri Lanka’s largest vision and eye wear solutions provider. We have a large network of branches across the country. Managing the work in all these branches has been extremely difficult in recent years as the network kept on expanding so that we could offer world-class eye and hearing care solutions to more Sri Lankans.

We were lagging behind on so many campaigns and projects and even day-to-day tasks in these branches as it was virtually impossible to coordinate with so many individuals spread across the island, get updates, listen to their feedback and complaints and help them to achieve their deadlines. Therefore, we were looking around the market for a Workflow Management software and came across the Ficino Suite which has the module named Ring.

We were blown away by the innovative features and the user-friendly design, all of which came at a very competitive price. We signed up and deployed Ring in all our branches. Now, I am happy to say, everything is going very smoothly. Everyone is able to easily update their daily tasks on the app and the Management can easily monitor the progress of all projects, campaigns and initiatives. This has reduced our workload and stress levels, improved our time management and increased our overall efficiencies. Ring has certainly been a life saver for us. They are regularly adding new, useful features that help to improve the software even further. It’s certainly a product of international standards and as patriotic Sri Lankans, we are proud to see such a high quality product developed right here in Sri Lanka.

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